Oil Painting Class- all skill levels- Florida Suncoast Decorative Artist FSDA SDP/Messiah Lutheran Church Christian Life Center Bldg/ 14920 Hutchison Road

  • Messiah Lutheran Church Christian Life Center Bldg
  • / 14920 Hutchison Road
  • Tampa, Florida 33625
      Time:8am doors open:9:00 meeting starts- ends around 3:00pm. 
Florida Suncoast Decorative Artists (FSDA) local chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP). Florida Suncoast Decorative Artists FSDA is a philanthropic, non-profit chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters. www.decorativepainters.org. Our web page:http://www.fsdatampabay.com/
Mission To share information about decorative painting activities, enable you to meet others, take classes, participate in community service, and create a whole new circle of friends who share
Once a month we have a Painting Project and Meeting- this month is a
Oil Fall Leave welcome yard flag! List of supplies needed below. We will have Breakfast snacks, drinks, and a pot luck lunch! Call me-Anita need more info- 813-996-6427. Doors open at 8am - class starts at 9am- we use a traceable pattern, no drawing skills needed! Learn as you go! The total fee for the class will be $10.00, which is $3 for the fabric and $7 for the paint and other provided materials

 September Project
Supply List for "Falling Leaves" Oil Program in September:

One piece of Roc-Lon fabric, off-white, 12" x 21". Some ladies have ordered and paid already and it will be cut for them. If you have not ordered and want a piece provided, call me at 813 988 4972 or email me at jean@jeanarcher.com. The fabric cost is $3. The total fee for the class will be $10.00, which is $3 for the fabric and $7 for the paint and other provided materials.

You will need to bring:

1. Brushes

One #8 or #10 flat brush that will be used only to apply the medium to the surface Bright brushes for oil: #4, #6, #8, #10 or a good variety of Bright brushes. (Bright's are just short bristled flats) OR you could use Angle brushes: ¼", 3/8", and ½". It will be helpful but not neces-sary to have more than one of each size.

One liner brush in good condition, your favorite will do.

One stiff fabric brush is optional but would be helpful.

2. Palette knife (small trowel shape is best if you have one)

3. Stylus

4. Gray graphite

5. Tracing Paper and pencil.

6. Paper towels

7. Palette Pad for oil if you have one, if not, we will use a Styrofoam plate to put the paint on.

8. 2 small containers with a lid such as a plastic film canister or a baby food jar. One contain-er only needs to hold about a tablespoon of the medium. The other is for a little Mur-phy’s Oil Soap should you choose to take some of mine home to clean your brushes.

9. Optional: Sepia-colored and red-colored Micron or Pigma marker #01.

10. Optional: One pair of sharp cuticle scissors to cut out the bottom of the banner. This step will probably be done at home.

11. Support (like foam core but it can be cardboard) for the fabric which is 12" x 21".

12. Painters tape

You will not need a water container, wet palette or other acrylic supplies; you may leave them at home. Call me if you have questions. Jean Archer

Please Share: In November at the same location we are having a FREE FREE make it and take it! look for details on Patch on that Event Date or contact me, Anita - Thank you and see you there- if you let me know you are coming I can plan for your seating.


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