Guess Where: A Walk To Remember

These pictures were taken on the scene of an event celebrating its 25th year in Brandon. (Update: We've since answered the question with the answer: Walk Through Bethlehem at Kings Avenue Baptist Church. Last day is Dec. 11, from 4-9:30 p.m.)

Taken before the crowd arrives, these pictures are of an event in Brandon that for decades has drawn thousands of people each year to celebrate together a seasonal moment of reflection.

Guess where, in Brandon.

UPDATE: The answer is in Brandon.

True to the "reason for the season," the annual walk is the church's gift back to the community, with its re-creation in the tropics of the West Bank birthplace of Jesus Christ. (See, .)

The last chance to see the 2011 Walk is Dec. 11, from 4-9:30 p.m. The event is free and the church is at 2602 South Kings Ave.

It starts after the visitors sign in for the census, then enter the gates of Bethlehem as they're being berated by Roman guards for being "lowly Jews." Each group of guests then proceeds through the makeshift village, stopping along the way to hear from the tax collector, salt makers, bread makers, townspeople, the teacher in the synagogue, the scribe, the metal workers, the carpenters, the cloth dyers, the cloth weavers, the potters, the woman at the well, three wise men bearing gifts and more.

Each year a newly born baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lays in the manger, with Mary and Joseph keeping watch.

"It's  the greatest gift anyone ever gave," said church member David Gallops, in preparation for last year's event. "This is not about any one denomination. We have believers and we have non-believers who come to walk. We have people who say this is their Christmas [ritual] every year."


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