Rotarians Prep For FishHawk Crawfish Festival

The May 5 deadline to purchase tickets for the May 12 Crawfish Festival at FishHawk Ranch is to ensure Rotary Club of FishHawk/Riverview members purchase enough freshly harvested crawfish in Louisiana next week.


Don't put it off, tomorrow is the deadline to purchase tickets for the , which has become one of the largest Rotary fundraisers in the Greater Brandon area.

Rotarians will travel to Louisiana next week to purchase freshly harvested crawfish. The May 5 ticket deadline has been imposed to ensure that there is enough food to go around at the May 12 event.

Last year's crawfish festival reportedly drew some 1,400 people. This year the Rotary Club of FishHawk/Riverview hopes to draw 4,000 attendees, eager to eat crawfish boiled with Cajun seasonings and served with potatoes and corn.

The event also will include music by a live Cajun band. Business vendors an sponsore will set up booths to showcase their products and services.

The event is scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Park Square in FishHawk Ranch.

Louisiana native and club member Michael Broussard, who once ran a Cajun catering business, is experienced at procuring and preparing fresh crawfish for crawfish boils.

"It's hard to find fresh crawfish around here, so we're getting our crawfish from a farm in Louisiana," he said. "We'll ice it down and drive it straight to the festival Friday night."

The cost of a single ticket is $15. The cost is $40 for the "family pack," which includes two trays of crawfish, two hamburgers or hot dogs and four drinks (water, soda or draft beer).

Purchase tickets on the club's website or through a Rotary club member.



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