We Want Your Voice On Patch; Yes, Yours!

Brandon Patch is on the hunt for people who want to share their opinions and voice.

We want your voice on our site. Yes, yours.

Brandon Patch is seeking bloggers who can share their views on a particular issue, while having their personality also shine through. We want bloggers who can have readers walk away feeling something, whether it be challenged, inspired, happy, sad or further educated on a particular subject.

Really, the sky’s the limit, but here are examples of people who might work:

  • Someone passionate about Brandon’s core issues
  • A local nutritionist who can offer advice on eating well and exercising
  • An immigrant who can talk about adjusting to a new life here in the good ol' USA
  • A dedicated gardener who can offer tips to other green thumbs
  • An extreme-couponing expert
  • Someone with an interesting or unusual hobby

Keep in mind that this is not a reporting gig. No need to be a published author or someone who needs to be told what to write about. We want you to write about what you want and when you want. You can post three times a day, or three times a month.

When you submit your post, it will come to me for approval. I will check to ensure quality and perhaps fix some grammatical errors that you might have missed. Then, with a simple click, you will be published! Our bosses told us to "give them the keys to the blog," so that's what we are going to do.

Blogging for Patch is just one more way you can get involved with a site that is all about you.

We've built Patch so that you have plenty of opportunities to comment on stories, share your opinions, post photos and announcements and add events to the community calendar. We hope that our site will strengthen the community, but we can't do it without you. So we hope that if you don’t blog (though we wish you would!) you will get involved in other ways.

For more information, email dann.white@patch.com or call (813) 334-1081.


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