‘Light, Color, Movement’ Featured at Center Place Art Exhibit

Bjorn Andren and Candace Knapp are this month's featured artists in the Mook Art Gallery at the Center Place Fine Arts & Civic Association in Brandon. The two artists are married and have lived and created in the area for more than 20 years.


A Brandon husband and wife who for more than 20 years have worked together to design and make statutes and furniture for churches, and to collaborate on public art works in Tampa and St. Petersburg, are this month's featured artists in the Mook Art Gallery at the Center Place Fine Art & Civic Association.

"They have come to a wonderful time in life," according to a Center Place announcement about the Bjorn Andren and Candace Knapp art exhibit. "Bjorn has more time to explore his passion for photoraphy. Candace, an accomplished sculptor, has begun painting and writing stories about her artworks. It is with great pleasure that they come together to share these new works with the community."

The couple's art work will be on display throughout the month of January, in n exhibit entitled, "Andren & Knapp: Light, Color, Movement." A reception in their honor, in the gallery, is scheduled for Jan. 24, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Center Place shares space with the Brandon Regional Library in the Sandy Rodriguez Center, at 619 Vonderburg Drive, just west of Parsons Avenue.

Noted in the event announcement are these words from Knapp:

"I have been making sculptures in wood for over 30, recently having installations at the Florida Museum for Women Artists, Mt. Dora Center, Brevard Art Museum and Florida Craftsmen. I can see that placing sculptures together in an installation creates a lively interaction in which the sculptures appear as characters in a play. My paintings are like windows on installations and very often a story is suggested. For this reason I have been writings story/poems about the paintings."

Knapp shares her writings through her blog and more about her work can ben seen online at CandaceKnapp.com, KnappsPlayground.com and AndoKnap.com.

Noted also in the Center Place announcement are these words from Andren:

"I photograph all that I find beautiful or interesting. This includes dancers in motion, people, musicians, sculptures and faces [and] especially eyes. I prefer color to black-and-white and have in the last few years switched from film to digital photography. In my dance photography I strive to capture the movement that is the essence of dance. I am thankful to the dancers and choreographers of the Moving Current Dance Company, Guadere Danza, American Ballet School, Kim Hall's School of Dance and the [University of South Florida] Dance Department for letting me photograph at their rehearsals."

For more on Andren's work, visit BjornAndren.com.





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