Brandon Chamber Sets Date for 1-Day, Incentive-Rich Membership Drive

Prospective members of the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce, who attend with a current member a special one-day membership drive event, will receive a special package of discounts and offerings from current members.


Incentives are the order of the day for the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce, which like the Riverview Chamber before it is hosting a one-day membership drive that includes an incentive package created from membership-donated deals.

The invitation-only open house for the Brandon chamber is scheduled for Oct. 11 at 4 p.m. or at 5:30 p.m., depending on the prospective member's choosing. The chamber hopeful must be in the company of a current member.

People who sign up to join the chamber that day will receive more than $1,200 in free merchandise, services or offerings from current chamber members, such as a free oil change at Auto Clinic of Brandon, a $40 value in business cards from AlphaGraphics and a free general pest perimeter service from TNT Termite & Pest Control.

Anyone who joins the chamber that day also will receive a "special, limited, one-time only incentive that we will reveal that evening," according to an event release.

The member who brings a guest who joins the chamber that evening will be eligible for prizes, including a Platinum Elite Membership upgrade from the chamber (valued at $1,750). And "even for giving it your best shot," all members who attend will be eligible for door prizes, regardless of whether their guests sign up to join the chamber, according to an event release.

Served will be "adult libations" and food, from Cheddar's, Cafe Viejo and the Copper Bell Cafe, whose owner, Darren Dennington, is the incoming chamber president.

After choosing a guest and time to attend, chamber members are asked to call Laura Randall-Simon at 813-689-1221. Or, email her at lrandall-simon@brandonchamber.com.

Space is limited, reservations are required. Prospective members will receive reminder cards for the event session.

For information about membership options and benefits, visit the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce online.

The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce building is at 330 Pauls Drive in Brandon, south of Oakfield Drive and the Brandon Post Office.


Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce Membership Packages

Elite Memberships Platinum Elite $2,085 Gold Elite $1,335 Silver Elite $1,010 Bronze Elite $610 Platform Memberships Retail/Service Businesses $335 Financial Institutions $720 (additional branches) $335 Retirement Living Facilities $450 Independent Contractors $335 Boosters (students, retirees. Non-voting) $110 Non-Profits (voting) $335 Non-Profits (non-voting) $260



Patch Critic October 03, 2012 at 04:36 PM
You make it seem like this is a deal. Hey Chamber, news flash. Small businesses here in Hillsborough are really struggling. Some really want to join your chamber but sometimes it comes to either paying for the stores electric bill or the chamber's dues. Guess which one they would rather pay? Listen Chamber, we do not doubt you help promote local businesses and we appreciate your support in the community. However you need to make it more affordable for very very small businesses to join. Maybe even a payment plan to get in the door. If you have to charge this much because your overhead is too high then lower it. Maybe some people are getting paid to much? Maybe your offices are too extravagant? I'm sorry but $335 to join? You are Brandon after all. Not the Greater Tampa Chamber. Lets be real here.
Concerned GBCC Member November 14, 2012 at 07:20 PM
I'm now starting to think that dropping my GBCC membership is a good idea!
Concerned GBCC Member November 14, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Now Remember when you have a Ribbon Cutting at the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce bring enough food for the staff too. Thank


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