Brandon Residents Sell Custom Moon Jewelry at Renaissance Festival

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival runs two more weekends.

What moon were you born under -- new, last quarter, balsamic, disseminating, gibbous, first quarter or crescent?

Your moon sign says a lot about you, according to Brandon residents Bryceton V. Scott III and Tanya Scott of My Mystic Moon.

A person born during a new moon has a zest for life while someone born under a crescent moon tends to be naturally curious.

My Mystic Moon gives people a chance to display their moon sign with jewelry.

The online jewelry site sells keychains, pendants and charms that display photos glow-in-the-dark photos of the moon at its various stages. My Mystic Moon customers can choose a moon representing their birth date or anniversary or other special day.

My Mystic Moon is one of a number of vendors displaying a variety of gift items at the 2013 Bay Area Renaissance Festival at the Museum of Science and Industry.

The festival runs for two more weekends, March 30-31 and April 6-7.

For more information, visit the Bay Area Renaissance Festival website.


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