Francesca's Boutique Finds Home Amongst Big Names

Old Hyde Park Village now boasts a boutique clothing store to go with its wide range of chain stores.

The latest addition to unveiled itself last weekend with the opening of Francesca's Collections, a nationally known and successful clothing boutique that specializes in items of limited quantities.

Shoppers rarely find the same thing twice at Francesca's, as the staff unloads a new shipment daily. Items are handpicked by the staff and owners of the store giving each location a distinctly unique feel and selection, unlike most of the store's neighbors in their new location.

"There is certainly nothing wrong with the other stores around us, but we offer something different, something that is tailored specifically to Tampa," store manager Brandi Garwood said. "We really like this new location because we aren't restricted by mall hours so we can do events and some different types of things that will allow us to show off our service here."

Another Francesca's already exists in Tampa at the Citrus Park Mall, but shoppers came from as far as New Port Richey to see what the new location had to offer.

"My daughter and I both shop here," New Port Richey's Pam Binder said. "They have a very distinct selection and it's the best place to shop for gifts, clothing and jewelry in my opinion. Even though it's a boutique, it's not that expensive. I drive down to the one in Citrus Park all the time."

Amongst South Tampa shoppers, the store grabbed some attention last weekend. Hyde Park resident Elena Day is excited about the prospect of having her gym, places to eat and a boutique all within walking distance of her home.

"I've been looking forward to this for weeks," Day said. "If you go back a few years, there wasn't as much here. Now I've got my gym, some restaurants and a place like this and I don't even have to get in a car. What I like about this place is that I can shop here and find things you're not going to see everyone else wearing."

To learn more about Francesca's, visit their website at www.francescascollections.com.


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