Businesses Can Now Choose New Garbage Collection Service

Beginning April 1, solid waste customers can choose among three county-authorized garbage collection services.

It's time for Brandon solid waste customers to shop around.

Beginning April 1, commercial solid waste customers in Hillsborough County will be able to negotiate with three county-authorized companies for garbage collection service that will start after Sept. 30.

In January, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners awarded new Solid Waste Franchise Collection Agreements to Republic Services of Florida, Waste Management Inc. of Florida and Waste Services of Florida. The new agreements go into effect Oct. 1.

These companies are granted the exclusive right to provide commercial solid waste collection within the unincorporated areas of the county. All commercial customers who require garbage collection services must use one of these county-authorized providers.

All existing commercial garbage collection service contracts, regardless of the expiration date, will become null and void when the current Solid Waste Franchise Collection Agreements expire on Sept. 30.

Commercial customers are not required to stay with the same vendor who is currently providing them garbage collection service. Instead, they can shop around among the three franchise collectors to determine the most competitive rates and agreement that best meets their needs.

The new Franchise Collection Agreements do not apply to contracts for commercial recycling. Businesses may contract for commercial recycling service with any provider, even if it is not one of the three authorized franchise collectors.

Also effective Oct. 1, commercial customers may contract for construction and demolition debris removal with any provider, even if it is not one of the three franchise collectors.

All commercial garbage customers will be required to complete a Hillsborough County Solid Waste Profile Form –even if a form is now on file – before collection services can begin under new contracts. Additional details about the form will be available soon. 

Commercial customers may contact the three franchised collectors at:

  • Republic Services of Florida: 813-265-0292
  • Waste Management Inc. of Florida: 813-621-3053
  • Waste Services of Florida: 813-248-3802

For more information, visit www.hillsboroughcounty.org/talktrash and click on the Commercial Collection link. Or call Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department Customer Service at 813-272-5680.


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