It’s Cold Here, But Check Out This Video From Siberia

The winter chill has hit Brandon, with low temperatures through Sunday night forecast to drop below 45 degrees, and as low as 35 degrees tonight. As you bundle up, see what happens when this man throws boiling water off his porch in Siberia.


The National Weather Service has good and bad news for Greater Brandon residents, depending on whether you like your days leading up to Christmas to be seasonally chilly or balm.

The "chilly" folks have it, with temperatures today and tomorrow expected to hit a high of 62 and 61 degrees, with the lows coming in at 35 and 37 degrees, respectively.

Sunday's temperatures don't get much better, with a high forecast at 65 degrees and a low, at 44 degrees.

As for Christmas Eve, it will be mostly sunny during the day (hitting a high of 75 degrees) and partly cloudy at night (with a low of 55 degrees).

Christmas Day? Well, that's what you would expect of Florida: 78 degrees and mostly sunny.

As you bundle up, check out this YouTube video, from Russia Today, featuring a Novosibirsk resident throwing a pot of boiling water from his balcony, which instantly turns into a long cloud of drozen droplets. The weather in Siberia at the time: minus 41 degrees Celsius. 




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