Top 10 Titanic Facts, Sites You Didn't Know

Titanic fever is at a pitch as April 15 marks the 100th anniversary of the ship that couldn't sink. Here's your guide to informative Titanic facts. Still have the fever? Catch "Titanic 3D" and IMAX 3D showings at Brandon's AMC The Regency 20.


Titanic devotees in Brandon no doubt attended Sunday's showing at the AMC The Regency 20 of James Cameron’s take on the great tragedy, as the world marked the centennial of the sinking of the ship dubbed “unsinkable” by many.

From crew photos to the voices of survivors, here’s a guide to the top 10 sites to satiate your desire for all things Titanic and maybe learn some things you didn’t already know.

It's an informative addition to the movie viewings, with showtimes in Brandon at 3:25 and 7:45 p.m. ("Titanic 3D") and 2:10, 6:15 and 9:15 ("Titanic: An IMAX 3D Experience"). (These times were for Sunday's showings. For additional showings, visit AMC The Regency 20 online.)



  1. Meet the Titanic Crew To mark the 100th anniversary of Titanic's fateful maiden voyage, the BBC has brought together 250 photos of the ship's crew in one of the biggest collections of its kind. This great website lets you find out more about the crew by rolling over the images.
  2. Listen To Titanic Survivors — With the help of archive images and audio, listen to what happened through the voices of crew members Charles Lightoller and Frank Prentice and passengers Eva Hart and Edith Russell.
  3. Titanic Descendants — Descendants of some of those who died on the Titanic marked the 100-year anniversary of the tragedy by throwing wreaths from the Southampton dock from which the ship departed on its maiden voyage. More than a third of the 1,517 people who died when the Titanic sank were from Southampton.
  4. “I Heard the Screams — Joseph Boxhall, the fourth officer on the Titanic, was on duty the night the liner sank and survived the disaster. Interviewed 50 years later, Boxhall still remembered the night the liner sank.
  5. Corset Came Between Woman, Lifeboat — An Irish woman, Nora Keane, almost never made it to the lifeboats because she wasted time putting on a corset.
  6. Liner’s Hometown Stages ‘Titanic – The Musical — Belfast, the town where the Titanic was built, will stage a production of the successful show.
  7. Message in a Bottle, From Titanic? — A young man from Ireland who died on the Titanic is said to have thrown a message in a bottle from the sinking ship.
  8. A Real Titanic Hero — He was “heroic unto death, thinking only of the safety of others.”
  9. The Encyclopedia Titanica – There actually is one, with deck plans, reviews, discussion groups and more.
  10. Titanic Belfast – A BBC article likens it to the Sydney Opera House, Titanic Belfast is a place “visitors will relive the entire Titanic story.” Attraction sits on the slipways where the Titanic was built.
Alyson Marie Crochet April 19, 2012 at 03:14 PM
i love the Titanic movie i am going to see it in 3D and how much stuff did they find and what and how much is it worth????? - Alyson Crochet At H-F Middle School
gk April 20, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Price of a single first-class ticket was $4,700. (equals $50,000 in today's economy)


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