'Warmest Year on Record' Lingers in Greater Brandon Area

Temperatures in our area and around Tampa Bay continue to hang in the mid-80s through the after NOAA announced that 2012 was the warmest in more than 100 years.


According to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, 2012 was the warmest year on record since 1895 in the lower 48 states. On average, the temperature reached 55.3 degrees in 2012, which topped the previous record set in 1998 by a whole degree, according to The Weather Channel.

Experts from The Weather Channel say the unusually warm start to winter is due in part to high pressure spanning from Florida to the Bahamas.

The high pressure is pushing the polar jet stream into eastern Canada, which results in the cold air being "bottled up in the West and Plains states through the weekend," The Weather Channel reports.

This week, Tampa's temperatures tied with three other cities in Florida for a record warm January, according to The Weather Channel.

If you're missing the slight change in seasons normally experienced in the Greater Brandon area, don't worry. Experts from The Weather Channel predict that the daily record highs will drop off by the end of the weekend.

The National Weather Service does, however, anticipate highs of at least 80 through Tuesday for the Bloomingdale-Riverview area. For a complete look at local weather, visit the National Weather Service online.


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