Cops Duke it Out During Routine Traffic Stop

When one Miami police officer pulled over another, the situation turned violent.

Brawls on Miami streets aren’t exactly uncommon, but it’s not every day that the combatants turn out to be two police officers.

But, that’s what the Miami Police Department patrolman’s GoPro camera recorded going down on June 24, according to the Bradenton Herald. The brouhaha began when Officer Marcel Jackson pulled over Lt. David Ramras for speeding.

Jackson said the off-duty Ramras wouldn’t stop when he tried to pull him over. After a few blocks, he finally complied. When Jackson asked Ramras for his insurance and driver’s license, Ramras tried to get out of the car instead. That’s when the fight broke out, Local10.com reported.

Chief Manuel Orosa told the Herald, however, that Ramras did tell Jackson who he was and provided identification before exiting the car. He also said police are unsure of what exactly started the fight.

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On the video, Ramras is shown trying to get out of the car. Seconds later, Jackson took him to the ground and two other officers quickly arrived to provide back up.

Jackson’s voice was caught on the camera following the incident.

“I said, ‘I don’t care if you’re a lieutenant or whoever you are,’” Jackson is heard on the video saying.

While it’s still unclear what caused the brawl to break out, the incident is under investigation. In the meantime, Jackson has been suspended with pay while Ramras has been moved to a desk job until the investigation concludes.

Jackson has asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to also look into the incident, Local10.com reported.

Kathryn Baker July 16, 2014 at 08:27 PM
sounds like the lieutenant thinks he is above the law.


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