Demolition Under Way at Seffner Sinkhole Site

The first order of business was to remove, and fold respectfully, the American flag that hung at the entrance to the home at 240 Faithway Drive, where Jeffrey Bush lost his life Feb. 28, swallowed by a sinkhole.


The house at 240 Faithway Drive met its end this morning, Sunday, March 3, as the first swipes of its destruction got under way at around 8:30 a.m.

As promised, the first order of business was to remove as many personal belongings, mementos and artifacts as possible, for the family to sort through from a safe distance.

Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill said officials told the family that every attempt would first be made to remove "any valuables or other things they [might] want to keep."

"Once we start touching the building we don't know whether parts of it will start crumbling of all over," he added.

Minutes later, the answer was at hand, as the backhoe operator deftly removed the furnishings of what apparently was a front-house bedroom, including a bed, box string, laundry basket, fan and dresser.

"We want to clear as much of the house as possible to better get to see what we have not been able to see, which is the [sinkhole] opening itself," Merrill said.


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