Bass Pro Shops Deal To Come Before Commissioners Today

The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners is scheduled to address today, Feb. 20, a deal that would bring Bass Pro Shops to Brandon.



The Hillsborough County Commissioners at their Feb. 20 meeting were to hear again from the public on the proposed deal that would bring Bass Pro Shops to Brandon.

The agenda item calls for the commisioners to approve a $6.25 million appropriation to share the costs of improvements to Palm River Road, the Delaney Lake Drive and Falkenburg Road intersection and Falkenburg Road.

A group calling itself "Say No to Bass Pro" has been seeking support to sway the commissioners against spending tax funds to fund the road proposal that would pave the way for the Bass Pro Shps store in the complext known as the Estuary, at Falkenburg Road and Causeway Boulevard.



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