Wine Kegs, No Dyeing of Animals, Faster Executions: 2013 Bills that Passed in Florida

Curious to see what passed and what didn’t during the Florida Legislature’s 2013 session?

Wine in a keg can now be sold in the Brandon area.

It’s no longer legal to dye or artificially color an animal.

Early voting is going to be extended to prevent those extra-long lines some experienced during the 2012 Presidential Election.

Those are just a few of the bills that made it through the House and Senate before the Florida Legislature called it quits on the 2013 session, according to The Miami Herald.

Here’s a look at a few of the bills that didn’t quite make the grade:

  • A move to repeal Florida’s death penalty was shot down, but the Legislature did approve a streamlining of the appeals process for convicted felons on Death Row.
  • A move to ban excessively loud stereos didn’t have what it takes.
  • A gun tax that would have generated funding for school security was sent to the back of the class.

Want to find out more about what passed, what failed and what got vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott? Check out The Miami Herald’s winners and losers list.

How do you think state lawmakers did during the 2013 session? Did any laws pass you think are absurd? Did something fail you were rooting for? Tell us by commenting below!

angela May 10, 2013 at 02:44 PM
really, no dyeing of animals? our tax money could have been better used than working on this. can i still paint my poodle's toenails or is that a no-no?


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