2012-13 Reflections Contest Winners Recognized for Creative Talent

The full list of students recognized in this year's Reflections contest run by the Hillsborough County Council PTA/PTSA notes more than 30 students from Eastern Hillsborough County schools.


The Hillsborough County Council PTA/PTSA has announced the winners of the 2013 Refelctions contest in which students are recognized in dance choreography, music composition, film, literature, the visual arts and photography.

Reflections, founded in 1969 to encourage students to explore their talents and express themselves, is for students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. Works are first judged by the school-based PTA. The winning entries than advance to the Hillsborough County Council PTA/PTSA competition.

A lucky few have their entries move on state competition in April and national competition in June.

This year's Reflections theme was "The Magic of a Moment."

More than 30 students were recognized from Eastern Hillsborough County schools, including Bevis, Buckhorn, Cimino, Colson, FishHawk Creek, Lithia Springs, Lopez, Nelson and Stowers elementary schools; Randall Middle School; and Bloomingdale, Newsome and Plant City high schools.

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Did you create work for the 2012-13 Reflections contest in Hillsborough County schools? Were you involved in the contest in some capacity, as student, organizer, teacher, parent or judge? Tell us about it in the comments box below.



DANCE CHOREOGRPAHY Primary School Division Judges Choice Chiles Dayna Ung Honorable Mention Buckhorn Austin White Honorable Mention Roosevelt Chloe Pfeiffer 3rd Place Carrollwood Jocelyn Pritchard 2nd Place Claywell Alexander Vidal 1st Place Lake Magdalene Elizabeth "Beth" Johns Intermediate Division Judges Choice Dale Mabry Brianna Rhoads Honorable Mention Northwest Vanessa Cunningham Honorable Mention Buckhorn Meghan White 3rd Place Hunters Green Tyler Forman 2nd Place Pride Rhea Pitale 1st Place MacFarlane Park Tatiana Tipton Intermediate - Special Artist Division 1st Place Oak Park Ruby Sage Middle School Division Judges Choice Orange Grove Adia Hollist Honorable Mention Orange Grove Anthony Silverio Honorable Mention Orange Grove Emily Dole-Muinos 3rd Place Orange Grove Anderson DaSilva 2nd Place Orange Grove Crystal Irizarry 1st Place Orange Grove Tiana White High School Division 3rd Place Bloomingdale Katie Hall 2nd Place Bloomingdale Mallory Hillary 1st Place Bloomingdale Kassidy Bevel MUSIC COMPOSITION Primary School Division Honorable Mention MacFarlane Park Anna Harris Honorable Mention Carrollwood Jocelyn Pritchard 3rd Place Lutz Prep Zoey Chang 2nd Place Chiles Dayna Ung 1st Place Roosevelt Chloe Pfeiffer Intermediate Division Honorable Mention Clark Sophie Marie Freed Honorable Mention MacFarlane Park Karishma Chapalamadugu 3rd Place Bevis Alexander Fullerton 2nd Place Lewis Benjamin Vantoorenburg 1st Place Nelson Celine Wright Middle School Division Honorable Mention Wilson William Chapman 3rd Place Coleman Morgan Tankersly 2nd Place Martinez Michanna Jadick 1st Place Orange Grove Sarah Morey FILM Primary Division 2nd Place MacFarlane Alexander McColley 1st Place Schwarzkopf Devin Malhotra Intermediate Division Judges Choice Turner Arko Ghosh Honorable Mention Roosevelt Kerry Tankersley Honorable Mention Colson Sydney Greene 3rd Place Roosevelt Audrey Taylor 2nd Place Hunters Green Olivia Giraldo 1st Place Colson Emma Wilkes Middle School Division Judges Choice Davidsen Merdith Puster Honorable Mention Martinez Pauline Howard Honorable Mention Martinez Hannah Makholm 3rd Place Davidsen Linda Claire Chesney 2nd Place Benito Ashlyn Bartley 1st Place Martinez Michalina Jadick LITERATURE Primary Division Judges Choice Dale Mabry Kayla Pawlik Honorable Mention Buckhorn Molly Rice Honorable Mention Chiles Dayna Ung 3rd Place Lopez Chloe Ryan Holzman 2nd Place Chiles Hansini Mahajan 1st Place Stowers Norah Christensen Intermediate Division Judges Choice McKitrick Paisley Gerasimovich Honorable Mention Lopez Evan Kijanski Honorable Mention Dale Mabry Alix Ruhin 3rd Place Turner Austin Stirling 2nd Place Northwest Olivia Rodriguez 1st Place Deer Park Naomi Garcia-Hector Intermediate - Special Artist Division 1st Place Oak Grove Ruby Sage Middle School Division Judges Choice Walker Kristen Gallo Honorable Mention Orange Grove Maya Garcia Honorable Mention Coleman Hana Yankowitz 3rd Place Martinez Jamie Leist 2nd Place Wilson Amy Eldridge 1st Place Coleman Shea Straw High School Division Judges Choice Wharton Kaila McClarty Honorable Mention Newsome Kira VanWingerden Honorable Mention Plant City Nadine Lawton 3rd Place Wharton Rahma Elmond 2nd Place Wharton Kayla Talebi 1st Place Wharton Desiree Knight VISUAL ARTS Primary Division Judges Choice Roosevelt Lincoln Chandler Honorable Mention Apollo Beach Trenton Rogan Honorable Mention Lutz Prep LeAnn Ho 3rd Place Wharton Rahma Elmond 2nd Place Clark Alexander Nguyen 1st Place MacFarlane Elise Weber Primary Division - Special Artist 1st Place Lopez Stephen Burks Intermediate Division Judges Choice Lithia Springs Cameron Valdez Honorable Mention Lutz    MacKenzie Bing Honorable Mention Roosevelt Keeley Pendergrass 3rd Place Deer Park Werner Thoesler 2nd Place Lutz Prep Leslie Ho 1st Place Clark Cynthia Nguyen Intermediate - Special Artist Division 3rd Place Oak Grove Ruby Sage 2nd Place Lopez Lorene Chambers 1st Place Hammond Anna Booth Middle School Division Judges Choice Coleman Shea Straw Honorable Mention Coleman Elsa Lovejoy Honorable Mention Orange Grove Maria Laura Villegas 3rd Place Adams Sabrina Chang 2nd Place Wilson Kayla Nelson 1st Place  Bartels Laura Wu High School Division Judges Choice Newsome Doi Kim Honorable Mention Gaither Camille Malm Honorable Mention Leto Irvin Reyes 3rd Place Leto Alejandro DeSantis 2nd Place Lithia    Teresa Arnoldson 1st Place  Gaither  Rachel Skoglund PHOTOGRAPHY Primary Division Judges Choice Buckhorn Caleb Tubaugh Honorable Mention Bevis Jack Suchore Honorable Mention Lutz Prep David Hileman 3rd Place Cimino Ariel Burchan 2nd Place Hunters Green Will Leonard 1st Buckhorn Buckhorn Joshua Bembowczyk Intermediate Divison Judges Choice Lopez Hunter Lyman Honorable Mention Hunters Green Julia Christianen Honorable Mention Dale Mabry Sierra Shellabarger 3rd Place Nelson Zade Ksaibati 2nd Place Lutz Prep Caitlin Brooks 1st Place FishHawk Creek Adriana Torres-Juan Middle School Division Judges Choice Martinez Sadie Testa-Secca Honorable Mention Davidsen Kaley Wojciechowski Honorable Mention Martinez Veronica Hesswel 3rd Place Davidsen Aleena Ruscella 2nd Place Adams Rachel Johnson 1st Place Coleman Kathryn "McKinnon" Bell Middle School - Special Artist Division Honorable Mention Randall Kasey Murphy 3rd Place Randall Zachary Foyt 2nd Place Orange Grove Patrick Jackson-Williams 1st Place Randall Austin Huffman High School Division Judges Choice Newsome Mark D'Angelo Honorable Mention Gaither Tyler Heinrichs Honorable Mention Steinbrenner Ricardo Morales 3rd Place Steinbrenner Andres Rosario 2nd Place Bloomingdale Kristina Carreras 1st Place Bloomingdale Caitlyn Hine


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