Cheerleader Defies Gravity With 25 Spread-Eagle Jumps (VIDEO)

Armwood High School cheerleader Chris Turner, sporting a pink senior T-shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, executes 25 spread-eagle jumps before a home crowd at Lyle Flagg Field in Seffner.

Armwood High School cheerleader Chris Turner executed flawlessly from the sidelines of Lyle Flagg Field in Seffner on Oct. 5, with 25 spread-eagle jumps performed before a hometown crowd that burst into appreciative applause when he was done.

"I started tumbling around the seventh-grade," said Turner, an Armwood senior, who like other seniors that night wore a pink shirt in recognition of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It was senior night at the Armwood football game, a great time for Turner to talk about what drew him to cheerleading, an athletic undertaking, he said, that demands a lot of stunts, a lot of jumps and a lot of tumbles.

"My mom got me really into it, for a scholarship," Turner said. "She convinced me [to do it]."

What he likes about cheerleading, he added, "is everything."

"Honestly, everything about it," Turner said. "Meeting new people, having a team bond with everybody, and everybody is really friendly."

And, the senior added, "I like to tumble."


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