For Brandon Photographer, Life as an Eagle is a Family Tradition

Tiffany Hobby graduated in 2007 from Brandon High School, where she can be seen snapping photographs from the sidelines at Brandon Eagles football games. For her family, like so many others, life as an Eagle is multigenerational.


Taking photographs at the sidelines of the Brandon Eagles football game against the Freedom High Patriots on Sept. 14, Tiffany Hobby had a chance to reflect on what the colors of maroon and white mean to her and to her family.

Five years ago she gradutated from the school on Victoria Lane, which in 2014 celebrates its centennial roots. Her sister, Ashley, was on the sidelines, too, as a cheerleader.

Their parents? With the boosters, selling concessions, and also Brandon High graduates. Anthony Hobby graduated in 1963; his wife, Shauna Taylor Hobby, in 1965.

Brandon High School "has been around forever," as a part of the history of the town, Hobby said. "It's a part of my family's history as well."

Hobby said after high school she attended Southeastern University in Lakeland, where she studied broadcasting and business.

"I remember coming to the football games and cheering on my team," she said, of her high school days.. "I was on the swim team so I was part of the Eagles and athletics. It was probably they best years of my life."

That she can continue to be a part of the Brandon tradition is something Hobby does not take for granted. With her camera, she shoots pictures from the sidelines of the football games, "to help out," she said. She and her boyfriend, Kyle McDonald, a 2007 graduate of Durant High, own a photography business called Focal Point.

"I take pictures and my boyfriend edits them," she said. "I volunteer my time to come and take pictures for the Eagles football team and to do their videos."

Every Brandon High graduate soon learns that "Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle" is a motto that sticks, so much so that enthusiasm is building even now for the school's centennial celebration.

"That's amazing," Hobby said, about the milestone. "You go anywhere in Brandon and people know Brandon High School. You go anywhere in town, and people support the Eagles."







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