Lisa Lambson
I am a married, mother of four that left the workforce to freelance. I made this choice to show my children that there are ways to support your family independently and maintain your family presence the way that you choose. I love writing and wish I had made this choice for my life about 20 years ago. I have been privileged enough to be published in print in local newspapers and have over a hundred articles published and circulating on the internet. I enjoy writing about just about anything. I love a challenge and learning about new things. My work stands for itself and I pride myself on working carefully, quickly and with great attention to detail and deadline. I have worked in a variety of different fields over the years before I began writing full time and have a deep passion for the community that I live in. The experiences that I have had and the friends that I have met over the years allow me the luxury of the writing career that I new enjoy.
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